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Becoming a member at Titanium Gym could not be easier.  You can choose from a wide variety of membership types designed to suit your lifestyle and needs. Whether you’re looking to pay monthly with no contract or to save money with a 12-month membership package, you can even turn up on the day and pay for just one session at a time.

Flexibility is the key to your training success and our membership packages offer you just that.

Speak to a member of team Titanium today to discuss your membership.

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As a thank you. Loyal customers will keep paying 2022 prices as long as memberships are renewed within 7 days of expiry.  After 7 days the 2023 tariff will apply.  No exemptions.  If standing orders are cancelled, reinstatement will be at the new price.  New customers will pay 2023 prices im afraid.  Hurry now and renew your memberships before prices go up.

Annual Membership (Paid in advance)

6 Months Membership (Paid in advance)

4 Months Membership (Paid in advance)

Quarterly (Paid in advance)

Monthly (Direct Debit)

Monthly (Non Direct Debit)

Non Member (pay as you go, per workout)

£350.00 (Students £290.00)

£200.00 (Students £170.00)

£135.00 (Students £110.00)

£110.00 (Students £90.00)

£35.00 (Students £32.00)

£40.00 (Students £32.00)